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Can I ride your motorcycle? Part II by Rosekun25 Can I ride your motorcycle? Part II :iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 3 0 Can I ride your motorcycle. by Rosekun25 Can I ride your motorcycle. :iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 3 0 Cloud Strife and his motorcycle. by Rosekun25 Cloud Strife and his motorcycle. :iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 2 My figure family 8 by Rosekun25 My figure family 8 :iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 0 0
Good morning baby. How are you today? Hungrey? I can tell.
I am too. But I don't feel like eating. I never feel like eating anymore
But I have to eat. For you. Because your inside of me  growing and
I'm the only way you can get food. I know your wondering too. About Daddy?
Wondering where he is and why he hasn't come to see you or hold you? Well
don't it will only make you sad my Angel. Daddy hasn't called. Daddy won't answer
his phone either. You know baby a I lay here in my bed my hair a mess and
my stomach big fat and pregnant with you in it I wonder... Will you look like Roxas?
Will you have the same twinkle he has in his eyes or the same sunflower locks of hair
will you give me the same looks he does when he's mad at me? Will he even try to get
some custody of you? I can feel you kicking  inside of me baby. Don't stop. It'll let me know your there. So I have something to live for. I know you still have a couple of weeks to go before your here but I can't wait f
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 2 0
Ven's Story part 1
14 year old Aqua awoke coughing and choking finding her glass of water to be empty from already from waking up twice. She looked at the clock it said 5:30 she sighed and walked into the kitchen getting out the tea kettle,sugar,honey and orange. She smiled thinking of the werid trick Master Eraqus taught her 'The tea and honey help you throat get better but the orange gives you vitamens to help the cold go away faster' He always said when Terra or her got sick. She filled the kettle with cold water waiting for it to whistle  then she hear a knock on the door she quickley walked down the stairs wondering who it could be at this hour. She opened the door finding no one to be there she looked down and saw a pregnant women dressed in rags "Please help me." she begged  Aqua knelt down "What's wrong?" Aqua asked the woman let out a groan "I'm gonna have my baby now." she said then screamed  "Come inside" Aqua said leading her by her arm into the house she was wet
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 9 4
L.C.R.S Part 6
Gin was dragging Rose,Lia and Roxas down the hall. Lia was unconscience. Rose was flinged over Gin's shoulder She was hancuffed to Lia she watched in horror as Roxas grunted in pain
biting his lip. When he screamed though it was too much Gin slapped him across the face giving him a bloody noes Then he started kicking Roxas's body But when Gin pulled out his sword Rose knew Gin was going to kill him
she reached in her pocket and pulled out a a hand gun and shot  Gin Right in the back "You little BITCH!" He screamed Going over to her He slapped her and started punching her in the face giving Roxas just enough time to run. Mean while  Namine was so uneasy rubbing her shoulders for warmth. The scene of Roxas getting stabbed over and over again.She bit her lip to keep from crying. She then grabbed Charlie's shirt coller "Charlie! Please we gotta go back what if he's still there!!"
She cried "NAMINE! Get ahold of yourself! If Yuna's not there then neither is Roxas! Oh god
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 2
L.C.R.S part 5
W-...Wait..." Roxas hesistated, and Gin Ichimaru grinned at him. "Who...Who are you!?"
"I'm...Gin Ichimaru." Gin introduced himself, and then stabbed Roxas through the chest. "That's all you need to know about me, boy. It's not polite to question your elders." Grinning, he pulled Shinso out of Roxas's chest, and Roxas dropped to the ground.
"R-ROXAS!!" Rose screamed, and tried to run after him, but Lia grabbed her arm.
"Rose, Don't!!" Lia ordered, and Rose stopped. "If you try to help Roxas, that creepy old guy will-"
Gin stabbed both Lia and Rose through the chest.
"Well, I'm not THAT old!" Gin laughed, and pulled Shinso out of them. "But the creepy part I can understand. But since you three tend to have such big mouths...I guess you'll be coming with me."
In a flash, Lia, Rose and Roxas disappeared, and so did Gin Ichimaru.
"R-...R-ROSE!!" Charlie exclaimed, and ran towards where they had been standing, but all that was left was some dried-up blood. "Rose...Lia...Roxas...............
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 0
L.R.C.S part 4
"What world are we in now?" Roxas asked, looking around them at the pitch black skies. "This is really weird!"
"Roxas! Xion! Namine!" Sora called out, and ran up to them. "Hi, I'm Sora, nice to meet you. And you are?"
"I'm Aqua!" Aqua replied, shaking his hand. "So, where are we? I haven't seen any world like this ever before!" They noticed a castle, and walked in.
"Hmmm? Oh, who's this?" Gin Ichimaru questioned, pointing to the computer screen at Lia, Charlie, Rose, Roxas, Aqua, Xion, Namine, Kairi and Sora. "We seem to have intruders, do we? Do you know these fellas? Maleficent?"
"I do!" Riku realized, and pointed to them all as he listed their names. "There's Sora, and Kairi, and Roxas, and Namine, and Rose, and Charlie, and Lia...and...and...and Xion..."
"A-Aqua?!" Terra exclaimed, looking at Aqua on the screen. "Aqua?! Why is Aqua here?! Where's ven?! Why isn't he with her?!"
"Should we do something about them?" Ka
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 1
L.C.R.S Part 3
Ugh...Rose?" Charlie groaned, sitting up. "Lia? Sora? Kairi?"
Lia, Sora, Kairi and Rose woke up. They all had no clue where they were.
"RIKU! XION! NAMINE! ROXAS!" Sora hollered, but there was no response. "...This sucks! C'mon, guys, we gotta go find Xion, Roxas, Namine and Riku!"
"Right!" Kairi agreed, Sora helping her stand up. "Let's go!"
"But Sora, where do we look?" Rose asked. "They could be anywhere! What if they're not even together? What happened to Riku? What if-"
"Rose, we'll find them." Sora assured her, and placed a single finger to her mouth. "You have to have faith, little one. Okay?" Rose nodded, and looked to Lia and Charlie, who also nodded.
'Let's go." Lia spoke up, and walked foward. "We have to find them."
"This is Summer." Maleficent introduced Summer, who looked at the ground. "Summer, this is Master Xehanort. You will obey me, Xehanort and Xehanort's apprentice, Vanitas. Got it?" Summer nodded.
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 0
L.C.R.S Part 2
Lia, Charlie, Rose, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Xion, Roxas and Namine went to the secret place and just talked about random stuff, like other worlds and such. They all wanted to get to other worlds. They wanted all 9 of them to be together, though.
Little did they know what was happening outside at that moment.
"VEN!" Aqua cried out as Ven dropped to the ground, frozen. Aqua ran up to him and held him in her arms. He slowly but surely turned his eyes to look at her.
Master Xehanort grinned, and summoned darkness from inside of him and shot it up into Kingdom Hearts. Vanitas stood beside him obediently.
"...K...Kingdom Hearts..." Terra groaned, and pulled his helmet off. His eyes were yellow, he knew, because he felt himself losing consciousness. Master Xehanort was taking control of him. Xehanort grinned, and when enough of the darkness was in Kingdom Hearts, he let go of it.
King Mickey watched from a distance, infuriated at wha
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 0
L.C.R.S Part 1
Aqua, Ven and Terra stood silently as Master Xehanort and Vanitas neared them. But they're all glared at each other. Master Xehanort smirked, and threw his arm out to the side.
"Look." He said to them. "The Keyblades left from the Keyblade wars. (somethin somethin else i don't remember and I'm too lazy to look up lol i love master xehanort XD)."
"So, fight me." Master Xehanort commanded, taking a step towards them. "Fight me now."
Ven took a step foward, but Terra pushed the boy behind him and ran towards Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort did a strange hand motion which Terra didn't understand at first, but then Terra was sent flying down to the ground below him. He had been hit be an immense rock. Vanitas jumped down and threw eletric bolts at Terra, and that's when Ven got mad. He ran at Master Xehanort. Aqua looked up, sighed, and followed Ven.
"Hey, Sora!" Yuna Soraya Rose Strife called out, running up to her older bro
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 1 12
All I know a RokuNami story 2
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 2 4
All I know a RokuNami story
Warning this contans sexual themes & may tramtize u so b careful k. I don't want nothin bad 2 happen 2 ya  
Namine`s POV
I just ran and didn`t stop not for anything I just ran... It started raining. I didn't care I ran to an alley and just sat there crying
"Roxas" his name whispered slowly in my head I loved him so much it
hurt he said he loved me but I saw Olette kiss him though on the
cheek I know friends do that somtimes but.. what if he was cheating?
So I sat there cold and wet. Then I saw him walking towards me That
Boy... ugh
Roxas`s POV
Olette kissed my cheek it was because I promised to keep Hayner away
from the usual spot for his surprise party it was a big deal to her. Then I saw Namine trying to hold back tears running away I ran after her I just told her I loved her this morning then she saw olette kiss
me! She proubably got the wrong Idea! Damn I mes
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 3 4
Walk a mile in my shoes
                 You may  write me down in your thoughts  as a bitter cold
                 hearted girl that prays and enjoys tormenting random people.
                 But you don't know my side. You only know what you think. You
                 don't and never cared to learn the other side of things. While you
                 try to tormernt me. Friends stand up. Only a few. Should you care?
                 No because you don't  know me. Walk a mile
:iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 2 3
Aerith with flowers by Rosekun25 Aerith with flowers :iconrosekun25:Rosekun25 4 4
My Art


Why by Pacthesis Why :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,106 613 Foolish mortals... for dinner by Maurri Foolish mortals... for dinner :iconmaurri:Maurri 81 43 RokuNami:Family Collab by Kiome-Yasha RokuNami:Family Collab :iconkiome-yasha:Kiome-Yasha 497 129 These three by Fiveonthe These three :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 341 59 Namine by elousia Namine :iconelousia:elousia 16 3 Zelda ST 4-koma by knil-maloon Zelda ST 4-koma :iconknil-maloon:knil-maloon 272 101 Roxas Organization 13 by eric899 Roxas Organization 13 :iconeric899:eric899 1,236 110 Me. You. Forever. by AquaLeonhart Me. You. Forever. :iconaqualeonhart:AquaLeonhart 229 27 Kingdom Hearts compilation by ElinTan Kingdom Hearts compilation :iconelintan:ElinTan 4,859 674 Bath time by annria2002 Bath time :iconannria2002:annria2002 6,831 734 Valentines Day: 7 by tenchufreak Valentines Day: 7 :icontenchufreak:tenchufreak 1,569 128 No Beer Left by humon No Beer Left :iconhumon:humon 6,650 909 ::KH2::Kairi::Me With No You:: by Twin-Chan ::KH2::Kairi::Me With No You:: :icontwin-chan:Twin-Chan 205 48 Ventuuuuuuuusss by Pacthesis Ventuuuuuuuusss :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 2,243 359 C-P: Donation Pool by tenchufreak C-P: Donation Pool :icontenchufreak:tenchufreak 1,464 226
My favorites Death Note Kingdom Hearts Phantom Manor Sokai RokuNami Haunted Mansion




Hate is Love Love is hate
Kingdom Hearts
When Darkness turns to Light when the Ghost brides finally crosses over when Sora Kisses Kairi(Finally!!) When those that don`t belong in the darkness come out Namine,Roxas, when freedom rings when I shant be obedint I shan`t fear the darkness when I`m free

Well i`m rosekun25 I`m a Happy Haunts Brides maid my fav ride is da Haunted Mansion commet pls and Happy Hantings

Current Residence: Destany Islands
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Kingdom hearts
Favourite photographer: I dunno
Favourite style of art: emo rokunami sokai
Operating System: wat?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod or zen stone
Shell of choice: something smooth& blue
Wallpaper of choice: black w/ pink flowers
Skin of choice: my skin
Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke & sora
Personal Quote: Wanna buy some porn

Things I did while I was gone
* Read Harry Potter.
* Married :iconcaptain-lelouch: we met IRL hit it off.
*Got more dolls and figures
*Got a job
*Turned 17.
*Watched Doctor Who
*Obtained, (through working at my job) 3DS, Kingdom Hearts, Ocarina of time, Luigi's mansion 2, Animal crossing, Kingdom hearts COM Gameboy version and 80 manga books.
*Developed an AWESOME Obsession for Disney and Disney princesses
*Crowned a princess at the dance

 Anyway I missed everybody so much! :iconsummermacpherson: :iconanonymous252: :iconjoey245: :iconkiome-yasha: :iconilxa17: 
I cant wait to show you my dolls and figures!
I also won a 500 dollar essay contest for one of my stories!
It got me this new laptop at least.

Anyway as much as I'd like to sit and talk to you guys I really cant wait to show you my new figure!

  • Listening to: My Playlist
  • Reading: KH Manga
  • Watching: Redklok
  • Playing: Kingdom hearts 2
  • Eating: Seasalt ice cream/paopu
  • Drinking: tea/Barly normal or raseberry



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Aren't you going to finish Ven's story?
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Hey Rose! Just sending this out to my friends:

In case you haven't read my journal lately, Sentinels of Chaos (The sequel to Keyblade Masters) is coming out on August 8th. AKA tomorrow.

So, if you have time, check it out tomorrow! It's the start of a new story, so it will take a while before its completed. But the first part is coming out tomorrow!
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Yay I'm so excited joey!
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i got a question, how big r ur figures rose-chan?
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I dunno I measured Sora once and he was like 6 inches
SakuraFaith Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how much did he cost u?

its just that im getting my first action figure!

Im so happy!!
Rosekun25 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
I got him for like 8 bucks cause I bought him for a deal and they like gave me a discount cause it was Christmas
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